Artist:       Alberte Bernier    : Photo ©2013 Barry Rosenthal

Artist: Alberte Bernier: Photo ©2013 Barry Rosenthal

Artist:       S    teve Zolin    : Photo ©2014 Barry Rosenthal   

Artist: Steve Zolin: Photo ©2014 Barry Rosenthal


Artist:   Tirtzah Bassel  : Photo ©2014 Barry Rosenthal

Artist: Tirtzah Bassel: Photo ©2014 Barry Rosenthal

Artist:   Mahtab Aslani  : Photo ©2012 Barry Rosenthal

Artist: Mahtab Aslani: Photo ©2012 Barry Rosenthal

Artist:   Kristin Reed  : Photo ©2012 Barry Rosenthal

Artist: Kristin Reed: Photo ©2012 Barry Rosenthal

Artist:   Linda Nicholas  : Photo ©2012 Barry Rosenthal

Artist: Linda Nicholas: Photo ©2012 Barry Rosenthal

Artist:   Winky Adam  : Photo ©2014 Barry Rosenthal

Artist: Winky Adam: Photo ©2014 Barry Rosenthal

Alberte Bernier

"Barry is an amazing photographer.  He has an artistic eye and a firm grip on his camera and the multitude of equipment he has readily available to create the perfect picture.  As an artist I have entrusted him to photograph my work in different mediums and styles: portraits and abstracts with oil, acrylic or charcoal and mixed media.  

Barry knows very well how to utilize details of space, light and shadows.  He spends a considerable amount of time editing and consults with me periodically to make sure I have input in the process. 

Recently I was especially impressed with the way he handled a large, extremely delicate piece made of layered tulle.  He reviewed several lighting combinations and, on each take, he tested every inch of the picture for dark spots.  The picture was stunning.

I commend Barry for his creativity, professionalism and punctuality."




Steve Zolin

"Barry Rosenthal is the best photographer I’ve ever found to shoot my art. His color correction is superior, as is his sharpness and lighting. One of his special skills is counteracting the curvature of the lens to make sure the paintings are straight. You could easily pay more for this kind of quality."




Tirtzah Bassel

"Barry is incredibly meticulous.  He understands the importance of getting the image as close to the original work as possible.  After the photo shoot we sat for as long as it took to match the colors on the screen to the colors in my paintings.  Based on the needs of each project, whether it is a series of paintings or a site specific installation, Barry will work with me in his studio, my studio or on location."



Mahtab Aslani

"It was tricky to document this particular body of my paintings as each piece consisted of multiple panels that hung together in a grid format.  Barry did an incredible job photographing my work.  The lighting is consistent throughout the panels, the cast shadows of the panels do not distract from the images, the panels are aligned precisely and the colors are identical to the original.  He patiently adjusted and readjusted the colors as my paintings hung next to his computer monitor, so colors could be matched to perfection."



Kristin Reed

"Barry has been shooting my art work for the past couple of years. The color and detail is excellent and the process always moves quickly.  My work is not always the easiest to shoot so I am very grateful for his patience and tenacity."





Linda Nicholas

"Finding Barry, who now photographs my work had been such a lucky find. As my work has white space around it, it is not an easy task, Barry knew exactly what to do and how to do it. The work looks meticulous, clean and sharp, leaving me to have more time for my creative process."



Winky Adam

"I have worked with Barry on many occasions to take photos of my oil paintings and drawings. Barry is divine to work with. My paintings are very difficult to photograph because I use a lot of texture in the paint and liquin which has a shiny finish. Barry is able to eliminate the glare from the paintings and has a superb color sense to maximize the exact color in the painting. The result is accurate and vibrant. At this point, I won’t work with anyone else."