I like to work with the artist one on one. Having you there for the proper interpretation of your work is important. Color correction is collaborative. Only you know how much purple is in that black area or how red that brown is. I look to make an accurate rendition of the work. Every artist is different and every piece is different. So the process should adapt to each new situation.


Basic pricing for 2D work in my studio is $60.00 per piece.

There is a three piece minimum for a shoot in my studio.

Installations are priced separately.


EXTRA SERVICES: Priced on an hourly basis.


stitching two or more images together


retouching surface blemishes



My installation is delicate and difficult to handle. I might need help putting it up  in your studio?

     Bringing a helper will ease the process when putting up an installation.

I have a grid of twenty pieces. What do you recommend?

    Please layout your grid on tracing paper before arriving at the studio. The tracing can be used to transfer the mounting points for an accurate install.

My work is highly reflective. How do you deal with reflections?

    I use polarizing for both camera and lights.

My work is mixed media with video. Is that difficult to shoot?

     My studio blacks out. Multiple exposures of the different components and layering the images in Photoshop works.

I have multiple components that make up my one piece. Is that the same  cost for shooting one piece?  

    The time needed to install is time taken away from shooting other work. Please inquire about your specific needs.

Could you shoot a portrait of me with my work in my studio?

    Yes. I enjoy working on portraits.

Do you shoot on location, installations or in artist’s studios?

    Yes. Please inquire about the price.

What is parking like at your studio?    

    The Brooklyn Army Terminal has free parking for guests. Please inquire about the details.

Do you have a special price for chashama artists?

    Yes. I do.








shoot gallery shows

thru glass

large size pieces


reflective surfaces

equipment to do the job right

shoot down

strobe and daylight viewing light

high res files

online delivery of files

on location in your studio or gallery